• How old is Sangiti?

    Sangiti is about a year old. However, Sangiti’s partners (Nutrition, Clinicians, Specialists, Other Therapists) have been in the industry for several years & come with a professional experience range of 5 to 20 years.

  • Who are Sangiti’s partners and what is their experience in successfully delivering on client outcomes?

    Our nutrition partner, Aarogyahaar, has effectively delivered nutrition-based wellness regimen to over 14000 clients over the last 5 years. They have an over 80% client adherence ratio and helped successfully manage quality of life for chronic patients ranging from Diabetics to those with neuro-degenerative conditions. Our Clinical partners ,Restore Health, is a family medicine practice with specialization in geriatric care and communicable diseases. Their lead physician is a UPMC alumnus and was an associate professor there in family and community medicine. Their clinical team has physicians with experience ranging from 3-20 years in clinical practice.

  • Are there similar players as Sangiti in the market?

    Healthcare is a booming industry and there are several players offering many of the stand-alone services. However, Sangiti’s differentiation is in its curation and integration of end-end healthcare services & outcomes, thereby becoming a single face to the end customer.

  • How is Sangiti’s nutrition / wellness concept different from many others that exist in the market today?

    a. Integrated, Multi-disciplinary care: Physician team, Nutrition team, Alternative therapies all work in synchrony to offer the optimal care plan.

    b. Address root cause: The wellness plan is focused on reversing the lifestyle & nutrition habits that have contributed to the client’s condition.

    c. Personalized: Care plans are tailored for the individual (culinary preference, lifestyle, Routine)

  • Who are your current clients?

    Majority of our existing clients are corporate employees.  For reasons of privacy & confidentiality, we are unable to disclose further details.

  • Do you have a client facing app?

    Sangiti App is currently under development and we expect to release this in the next 3 months.  However, we will use web forms, email and phone for engaging with our clients and our 24-hour SLA will ensure that all our clients’ queries and needs are addressed on time and with high quality.

  • Who is the primary interface for the Clients (Employee in the case of Corporate Programs)?

    There will be a Care Manager assigned to the Client and this person will be available remotely to support 
    the Client.

  • Is there a specified time / SLA for the response time by the Care Manager?

    All queries will be responded within 24 hours. 

  • Is there onsite helpdesk facility in the case of Corporate Programs?

    Yes.  Sangiti will run onsite help desk on the set dates during the first 2 weeks of launch of the plan.

  • Does Sangiti have a Client / Employee facing App?

    Sangiti App is currently under development and we hope to release this in the next 3 months.  However, we will use web forms, email and phone for engaging with our clients and our 24 hour SLA will ensure that all our clients’ needs are addressed on time and with high quality.

  • What is expected of the Client?

    The wellness plan will be built progressively, enabling you to systematically shift to optimal (per your lifestyle) life style habits.  This is only possible if you are able to make healthy eating as a way of life, find innovative solutions to address constraints that come in the way of implementing the plan, seek help from Sangiti’s Care Manager, respond to weekly progress check timely and last but not the least, take ownership for your health.

  • What if I am traveling and unable to follow the plan?

    During the weekly progress check, you are expected to provide inputs regarding constraints / special requests such a travelling, if any, for the subsequent week.  Sangiti team will consider your inputs and will accordingly provide your weekly plan.  The weekly plan will provide guidelines to be followed while eating out / travelling.

  • Can I transfer the plan to another employee or someone else in my family?

    The plan is specifically designed for you, keeping in mind your life style / chronic conditions and therefore will not be effective if transferred to another person.

  • When will the corporate program not work?

    Success of this initiative requires a deep motivation from the Client to adhere to the plan till the desired health goals are achieved and thereafter continue to create a support structure to sustain this for life-time.  Often times, motivation is intrinsic and therefore somewhat tough to build externally.  This program will be successful when one voluntarily signs up and has a personal health goal to meet.