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clinical partner


Our partners, Restore Health, is a Family Medicine practice believing in patient-wellness centric care, instead of the traditional disease centric care management. They will be the Clinical care owners providing continuity across preventive, curative and promotive health care. Their team of qualified and highly motivated physicians work as a team, along with our panel of eminent specialists, to provide you personalised care. They strongly believe Healthcare should be a comfortable experience for everyone, be they a 90 year old with multiple health issues ,or a 5 year old who has a toothache. They devote plenty of time for each of their patients to ensure all their worries (even untold ones) are taken care of. They understand the social causes of illness as well, and keep those in mind throughout their interaction with patients. They actively practise shared decision making. Apart from family medicine and preventive care, they are also engaged in research studies and deploy technologies that can rapidly change healthcare.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine is a Clinical Practice that is slowly making a come back. A Family physician is invested in promoting the Client’s physical and mental well-being by leveraging his or her Clinical expertise. In the event of illness, they work to return the patient to a state of wellness in the least invasive manner. They advocate treatment and recuperation in the home environment as opposed to a hospital, by utilizing the support systems available in the family. The family physician typically, is intimately familiar with the patient and the patient’s family history.

Their practice is characterized by Patient Centricity and highly personalized care, and they are the primary interface for all healthcare needs. They coordinate all care requirements necessitating specialist or tertiary care. A fundamental principle followed is working as a cross-functional Clinical team, with the Family physician the owner of the patient’s health outcome.


Restore Health has Clinics in KH Double Road and Sampige Road, Opposite Natraj Theater (opening shortly). They are rapidly expanding to other locations in Bangalore

Key Doctors

  Dr. Ramakrishna Prasad

  Dr. Ashoojit Kaur Anand

  Dr. Akshay S Dinesh

  Dr. Praneeth Pillala

  Dr. Swathi