Sangiti Primary Care

Sangiti Primary Care

Sangiti offers empathetic and personalised Primary care in association with Restore Health, a Family medicine practice. Restore health shares Sangiti's values in holistic and natural healing and aims to return the patient to a state of wellness in the least invasive manner. As Family Physicians, they strongly advocate treatment and recuperation in a home environment as opposed to a hospital. The key quality of Family physicians is patient centricity and familiarity with the Patient and their history. The Family Physician is always invested in the patient's well-being and will stay close to the patient through the preventive, curative and promotive health continuum.

Our Restore Health team of family physicians is supported by our eminent specialists panel who peer reviews all clinical decisions. 

For our Sangiti Senior Solace and Sangiti Wellness Clients (in addition to the package visit) we offer at reasonable rates:

  • Remote health consultation
  • Clinical consultation at Restore Health Clinics
  • Physician home visits
  • Laboratory tests as required