Sangiti Wellness

Sangiti Wellness

Our busy lives have left us with little time to focus on nutrition. Years of neglect has left us with a host of chronic health conditions. Our signature wellness program aims to improve chronic auto-immune and metabolic conditions holistically through personalised nutrition and lifestyle management under close clinical supervision. The annual plan comprises:

  • Personalised weekly nutrition plan tailored for specific medical conditions for a six-month duration brought to you in association with Aarogyahaar
  • Clinical tracking weekly (remote for Sangiti Wellness Remote) and Physician Consultation bi-annually in association with Restore Health
  • Lifestyle management support

A sustainable and totally natural way to restore your body to its original harmonious state. Suitable for people of all age groups suffering from Chronic conditions such as:

Cardio-vascular diseases, Diabetes, Auto-immune disorders, Hormonal Imbalance...

We have a number of additional services lined up, like home delivery of organic ingredients in line with your dietary plans, personal lifestyle coaching etc, all designed to make it impossible for you to not to comply with the wellness plan.